Breaking Hearts, Mending Souls

A little while ago I wrote about how I was getting carried away with the blog Carrie on Vegan. I described my new-found love affair with the blogger’s app Vegan Delish and my appreciation of her blog posts because she seemed to have the same health perspective on the vegan lifestyle that I do. Carrie’s blog was one of the few that I followed through email because I loved getting the posts delivered right to my inbox so I could devour them while checking the rest of my emails.

When I read one of her latest posts, my whole world came crashing down. This may sound a little overdramatic, but for someone who really enjoyed her blog, you can imagine that when I found out that she’s no longer vegan, I was deeply hurt.

I read her post on being an ex-vegan several times, including one time out loud to my husband, because I was in disbelief. What did she mean that she was eating animals again? I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that someone who had been touting the cruelty-free message for so many years could just blurt out in a few paragraphs that she wasn’t choosing a compassionate lifestyle any longer.

I didn’t personally know Carrie, but I felt like I did through her intimate blog posts. Through her website, she introduced me to an entire health-conscious vegan community and motivated me to try healthy vegan recipes on my own. I felt a jab in the side when she denounced veganism, partly because I felt betrayed, but mostly for the animals and their suffering.

What I’ve noticed when someone this popular in the blogging community comes forth on not being vegan anymore is that it severely hurts the animals. What usually happens is the blogger’s non-vegan followers will accept the myth that everyone can’t be vegan and congratulate this person like they’re some sort of hero. I saw this happen on Carrie’s blog with her announcement, and it truly breaks my heart to know how much this will negatively impact the animals.

The animals are the number one reason why I’ve remained vegan, which is why I felt so upset when I found out this awful news. I felt the need to write this post because of how much I glorified and promoted Carrie’s blog and app in past posts, and I wanted to state on my blog that I no longer agree with the viewpoints of Carrie on Vegan.

Despite all of this, I do need to remember that there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of other vegan bloggers and websites out there that are supporting a compassionate message while providing great resources for vegans and non-vegans alike. One of my absolute favorite websites, which should be of no surprise to my readers, is Our Hen House. If you have any questions about veganism or just need some moral support, visit their website and listen to their podcast (or watch their new TV show!). They have helped me so much through this journey, and I’m incredibly thankful for the positive influence they have had on my life. There is no doubt that Our Hen House lifts my spirits when I get down. They are truly changing the world for animals, and for that, I am grateful.

12 thoughts on “Breaking Hearts, Mending Souls

  1. I have mixed feelings on this. On the one hand you can see she deeply regrets that she feels she has to make this decision. She is going to try to only eat animals that are killed ethically. Hopefully she will stay away from beef and pork products. It must have been a tough decision to make for someone who was so vocally vegan for so long.

    On the other hand I can see how you’d feel betrayed. Here’s someone who inspired you, someone you looked up to. Someone who was really flying the flag for veganism has fallen. But she is doing it for her health and she did say she is still eating mostly plant based food. Hopefully she is going to seriously limit her meat intake.

    But as one falls from grace others step forward to take their place. I’m just starting on my vegetarian / vegan? Lifestyle. BTW, thanks for the henhouse link. I’m looking forward to exploring that site.


  2. For some reason I can’t figure out how to “like” this post. But I just want to say I really feel for you and the disappointment you must feel. I haven’t yet had the experience where one of my favorite bloggers has given up veganism, but there are several I am very fond of / virtual friends with and it would be devastating to me if one of them came out with a similar announcement. I do like how she admits a vegan diet is probably best for most people and that she is probably not the best example with her thyroid cancer. I wonder what kind of cancer treatments she had and if that played a part in appetite/cravings? She also admits she has eating disorders. So at least it seems she is not doing this for the controversy/publicity. Lately it seems as if a lot of vegan bloggers are becoming “not vegan” because it’s trendy and attention-getting – at least for the short term.


    • I agree, I’m glad that she didn’t do this for the attention like other ex-vegans seem to be doing lately. Although, I kind of wish she had just gone away without the spotlight shining on being a non-vegan now. By bringing up being an omni again, she’s hurting the vegan/animal rights movement, and it just makes me sad. Thanks for commenting! By the way, who are some of your vegan bloggers?


  3. I completely understand where you’re coming from. It’s so weird, I just did a post about the vegan blogger turned non-vegan that GMA talked about on Wednesday. It does seem this is happening more often lately. It’s hard to be upset since it is for health reasons, but I do agree that it is shedding a negative light on our community with how everyone keeps announcing it. All it’s doing is giving the non-believers out there validation who already think what we’re doing is extreme. As much as I would like everyone in the world to be vegan I know it’s not the most logical route for those with health issues. I know because of my sister-in-law. All of the allergies and intolerances to certain foods that she has and because she has MS it would be extremely difficult for her to be vegan. I’m not saying it’s impossible though, but I’m not a doctor so what do I know?


    • Thanks for leading me to your post about “The Blonde Vegan” – what a great blog entry! I also didn’t realize you’re in Denver – have fun at the parade today! I just moved to Colorado Springs last week. I hope we get to meet in person soon.


      • Thank you! I hope you’re getting settled in. My brother lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and daughter and my mom lives in Manitou Springs. I don’t go down there too often to see them, but maybe we could meet soon. Fun! Enjoy your holiday weekend!


  4. Thank you for this post. I too am sad for the animals and the ramifications this has on them. Carrie is getting attention out of this, and some of her comments are absurd. She supposedly studied up but says she’s eating animals because she needs a “higher quality of protein.” Someone who’s had cancer should know that meat and dairy cause cancer, and that vegan proteins are superior. She talks about love and compassion for all animals, but this must exclude the ones she’s eating and robbing of their lives and children.


  5. Another blogger I follow Blond vegan recently reversed her vegan lifestyle and is now eating animal products. I was shocked because I loved her smoothies and clothing line. How could you advocate for cruelty to animal campaign then turn around and eat them! I know there are other vegan bloggers out there so I will explore and create recipes. Thanks


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