A Ride of a Lifetime

The following is a short story that I wrote that is fictional but based on true events.


Sitting in the back of a pitch-black truck unsure of where she was going, Abby hoped that it was somewhere better than before. She dreamed about the day where she could leave behind a life full of grief and sadness for one that gave her more room to flourish and thrive. She wanted to know what it felt like to be loved and to be happy.

Abby continued on with thoughts like this and was surprised when the bumpy ride abruptly ended. She couldn’t see a thing in the truck, but this didn’t scare her. Unfortunately, darkness and loneliness were old friends of hers. Abby’s curiosity couldn’t be contained like she was for so many years. She wanted to get out of the truck to see what was behind the closed metal door.

Finally, the hinges started to turn and squeak. Abby was quickly mesmerized by the big beautiful sky mixed with colors of blue, orange, and red. She had never seen a sky so wondrous as the one that was before her eyes. Jolted out of her dreamy state, Abby was picked up and carried across a wide open slab of pavement. Abby started to panic. Where was she going? Who would she meet? Would she be thrown back into a life without ever feeling love, joy and happiness?

Her mind was moving a millions miles a minute, but her body stayed in place. She was taught to stay still and not cause too much of a commotion, which is exactly what she practiced in this moment. Abby was bewildered when she saw a huge giant machine, but she didn’t have too much time to wonder what on earth it was or why she was being carried toward it.

Abby was terrified and didn’t know what to expect. In her short two years on earth, she had dealt with more turmoil than most anyone would ever feel in their lifetime. Previously locked up in a barren enclosure, she was left for dead.

Recounting this horrid past, she looked to her right and her friend was staring back at her. Fear filled her friend’s eyes. Trying not to let the panic seep through her body, she gave her friend an extra long blink to give her hope that everything was going to be OK. Even though she didn’t know the outcome, she had to stay strong.

As the massive piece of machinery ascended into the air, big fluffy clouds drifted past the small window. The sun was setting into the enchanting earth as Abby’s anxiety was rising into her throat. Abby drifted in and out of sleep, trying to keep her thoughts still and not worry too much. After hours of riding high in the sky, Abby felt the plane descending back to land – a land she knew nothing about, a world she barely lived in.

When the doors opened, people were reaching their gentle hands toward her. They were kind people with smiling faces and soft wrinkles around their eyes. They helped her off the plane, taking great care not to scare her after experiencing, what she’d later find out, the ride of her lifetime.

Finally getting to her destination, Abby was let out onto an open field. She looked around confused, locking eyes with a smiling, charming face. This young man with bright eyes motioned for Abby to go enjoy herself. Without letting another second pass her by, Abby started to run through the grass with the sun beaming on her face, not having a care in the world. Her dreams were coming true, one stride at a time.


This story was inspired by the rescued hens that made it in the NY Times.

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