Somewhere Over the Rainbow


From the outside of Rainbow, you would never know that it has some of the best vegan/vegetarian food in Atlanta. My husband and I were actually going to try a different restaurant in the same shopping center when we stumbled upon Rainbow. We went in thinking we were just going to get cereal or soy milk…I can’t remember now, but it was something I needed for the next morning. We walked through the tiny store and saw the glorious hot bar of all vegetarian food with a fair amount of vegan options. It was like a light was shining on the food and there were heavenly voices singing.

Beets, kale, black beans and rice, roasted broccoli and almonds, and okra and tomatoes are just a few of their staples. They always have a main featured item each day, like Kung Pao Tofu. Their soups are amazing too – there is this split pea vegan soup that’s to die for.

For the vegetarians out there, this is what a cheesy dish looks like:

Vegetarian Meal at Rainbow

Not to mention, it’s all pay-by-the-pound, so it can be a pretty cheap meal if you don’t get as much food as I do 🙂 The sit-down “restaurant” part of the store isn’t really anything to write home about; but it’s convenient if you need to eat your food there. We usually bring our food home and have plenty of food for lunch the next day.

I could go on and on about Rainbow, but one more thing to mention is that they have pre-made salads, like mock chicken salad and tofu salad (looks similar to egg salad), that make my life so much easier when preparing lunch for the work week.

If you live in Atlanta or are driving through, make sure you stop at Rainbow – it’s totally worth the trip!

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