The Beginning of the Veggie Trails

I’m starting my journey on living healthier than ever before, and I’m here to share it with the community. I decided that after being vegetarian for more than three years that I’d like to try to be vegan. Being a vegetarian was something I initially chose to support my husband with his dietary restrictions. I was never much of a meat-eater, so with no surprise after a few months of solely eating vegetarian food, I decided I liked it and I was going to be a full-time vegetarian. Maybe that’s what will happen with being a vegan…or maybe not.

I’m not sure if this will be a permanent change, but I do know that I’m ready to stop feeling so crappy. You see, I’m severely lactose intolerant, which means dairy can sometimes shake me and rattle me to my core. I started taking digestive pills a few years back and sometimes they work and, guess what, sometimes they don’t.

I decided to blog about my overall journey as the vegan wannabe – the failures and accomplishments. I also want to help others who are thinking about starting a plant-based diet. No matter the label – vegetarian or vegan – I’m gonna keep on vegging!

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